Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Monday, June 9, 2014

I Hate People

A few times a week I like to walk to the grocery store across the street from my office.  I sit on a bench outside and enjoy my salad while I people watch.  Today, I had the displeasure of sitting in a close radius to two grown women.  Despite my efforts to ignore them and surf social media, I heard their conversation.  Irrelevant details aside, one was telling the other about how inspiring X person was for being disabled and still managing to leave the house and partake in social gatherings, she went on to describe how it was motivation for her to be less insecure about going to bars herself because after all, and I quote: “I’m blessed to be healthy.”  Now, having zero disabilities myself (besides the lack of ability to throw food at a dumb stranger), I was furious.  It dawned on me in that moment that disabled people or heck anyone for that matter aren't alive to serve as motivation for incomplete, incompetent, insecure, and insane people.  If we’d stop objectifying one another then maybe we could grow to be a society that needs less ego petting.  And sure I can acknowledge that these people intent to be complimentary in their approach to labeling disabled people or anyone less fortunate as exceptional for continuing with life despite their disadvantages, but something about the entire conversation disgusted me and well, I couldn't wait to spit my venom with my fingertips onto this keyboard.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

[Wo]man-Made Holes in my Shelter

This may be a delayed post as most my past Mother's Day posts have been, but I tend to be impressed by people who show love and affection more consistently or at the very least on days where they aren't specifically instructed to; with that immediately obvious compliment (from myself to myself) aside, I'd like to share some advice I've been able to compile and must credit to the dictator of the first country I ever belonged to: Mama Bear. 

You've taught me to never think, speak, act or live in absolutes, it's better to live believing all things are possible and knowing nothing is indefinite. You've reminded me that while planning for the future is important, it doesn't serve one well if you dilute the present. You showed me how to be content in times where only chaos brewed. You told me that happiness is in one's mind, it's not a permanent state of being and when assuming that happiness only comes in the future, one will always be ten steps behind, chasing and never quite catching up to happiness. You disciplined me when my ego and pride reached unhealthy levels. You showed me how confidence can shine during times of humility. 

Simply put, you've raised one badass daughter. Thank you. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Love Without Ownership

Crucify me on Easter Sunday if you must, but I believe there is something rather appealing about the concept of being able to do whatever/whoever you want without destroying your relationship, yet still electing to be loyal to each other.  In fact, I find it to be tremendously more passionate than the silly love stories in modern day movies, and considerably more romantic than Romeo and Juliet.  I will never quite understand how a story about nothing more than restrictions, secrets and ultimately death can be idolized by the masses.  In all fairness, I’m not oblivious to the fact that there will be plenty of people who won’t quite understand my philosophes; so I guess, maybe in the end it’s less about understanding one another and more about doing what our insides understand and not worrying about the rest of the mumbo jumbo.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps

Hawaii, 2014

"... we're all just out here sipping Mai Tais, shaking our hips, and catching waves. Are they insane?"