Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Useful Information for Problematic Women

There will be moments in your life where you will realize that you weren't someone’s destination.  You served as an intermission, an oil change, a rest stop to something better.  With this knowledge can come one of many determinations.  I hope you engage with the one that determines the possibility that your shortcomings are functional and understand that we are programmed to ruin things from time to time, to let people down and to have the story end in an anticipated disaster.  If you can grasp this, you’re already in tip top shape to be another’s permanent place of habitation.

Don’t allow others to persuade you that the pleasure you experience from solitude is wrong and somehow means you’re on the wrong path.  How awful it must be for those who cannot stand spending time with themselves.  In a world full of insecurity triggers, be a firm believer that it is a blessing to appreciate spending time with the one person you’re with one hundred percent of the time. 

People will call you a cynic.  Accept that they know no better.  You know the love you've experienced, the love you've given/gained and most importantly the love you are capable of.  You alone are the only person who can comprehend the vast amount of beauty that lies inside of your heart.  Being labeled a cynic because you are not willing to trade your character and respect for the first cube that forcefully tries to fit in your cubbyhole is not a bad badge of honor to rock.  In due course it only makes sense to love someone who understands that.

Things will go wrong.  They will go wrong more often than they will go right.  You will only notice this for a brief moment because you are the type of person who doesn't make up their mind easily.  You don’t like absolutes and you don’t like the concept of right or wrong.  You relish in the in-betweens.  So, when things go wrong in that brief moment take comfort that money worries, traffic, bad investments and angry friends are a sweet and savory breather from the larger catastrophes this life will surly serve up during your sentence.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Monday, June 9, 2014

I Hate People

A few times a week I like to walk to the grocery store across the street from my office.  I sit on a bench outside and enjoy my salad while I people watch.  Today, I had the displeasure of sitting in a close radius to two grown women.  Despite my efforts to ignore them and surf social media, I heard their conversation.  Irrelevant details aside, one was telling the other about how inspiring X person was for being disabled and still managing to leave the house and partake in social gatherings, she went on to describe how it was motivation for her to be less insecure about going to bars herself because after all, and I quote: “I’m blessed to be healthy.”  Now, having zero disabilities myself (besides the lack of ability to throw food at a dumb stranger), I was furious.  It dawned on me in that moment that disabled people or heck anyone for that matter aren't alive to serve as motivation for incomplete, incompetent, insecure, and insane people.  If we’d stop objectifying one another then maybe we could grow to be a society that needs less ego petting.  And sure I can acknowledge that these people intent to be complimentary in their approach to labeling disabled people or anyone less fortunate as exceptional for continuing with life despite their disadvantages, but something about the entire conversation disgusted me and well, I couldn't wait to spit my venom with my fingertips onto this keyboard.